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Wrestling with Manhood is the first educational program to pay attention to the enormous popularity of professional wrestling among male youth, addressing its relationship to real-life violence and probing the social values that sustain it as a powerful cultural force. Richly illustrating their analysis with numerous examples, Sut Jhally and Jackson Katz - the award-winning creators of the videos Dreamworlds and Tough Guise, respectively - offer a new way to think about the enduring problems of men's violence against women and bullying in our schools.

Drawing the connection between professional wrestling and the construction of contemporary masculinity, they show how so-called "entertainment" is related to homophobia, sexual assault and relationship violence. They further argue that to not engage with wrestling in a serious manner allows cynical promoters of violence and sexism an uncontested role in the process by which boys become "men."

Designed to engage the wrestling fan as well as the cultural analyst, Wrestling with Manhood will provoke spirited debate about some of our most serious social problems.

Contains violent physical and sexual imagery, and viewer discretion is strongly advised. The abridged version is edited for profanity, nudity, and length.

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Anonymous picture

This is trash. Pro Wrestling is America. Just like Carnivals and the Dallas Cowboys!

Anonymous picture

A really disturbing watch.

Anonymous picture

Agreed. Hasn't WWE pulled back on this though? I haven't watched in a few years, only in early 2010s but I had never seen the kind of disgusting stuff shown in this documentary...