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Traditional weaving techniques around the world have been filmed entirely on location in villages in Africa, Asia, South and Central America. World Weaving shows how some of the most beautiful hand woven textiles are produced in their countries of origin.


LOOMS Backstrap, Frame and Treadle looms from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Turkey, India, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Ghana.

WARPS Warping processes for a scaffold warp, four sevedges on a backstrap loom, Kente and kilim weaving, for silk and cotton supplementary warp and weft weaving.

WEFT FACED WEAVING TECHNIQUES Weft faced patterning by slit and interlocking tapestry, supplementary weft including Guatemalan brocades and Turkish cicim and carpet weaving.

WARP FACED WEAVING TECHNIQUES Warp faced patterning by pick up techniques including rare footage of Bolivian pick up weaving, supplementary warp weaving in Sumba, Kente weaving, and finishing a four selvedge weaving.

IKAT WEAVING Ikat patterning by weft ikat in Thailand and India, warp ikat in Sumba, and double ikat in India and Bali.