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Dog Eat Dog
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Dog Eat Dog
Episode 6 of Wilfred Series 1

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6 episodes in this series

Episode 1 There is a Dog
When Adam is invited back to Sarah's place after meeting her at a concert it all seems too good to be true, until he's introduced to Sarah's dog, Wilfred. Wilfred…
Episode 2 Dog Day Afterglow
Adam and Sarah's relationship is blossoming. When things are at their best, Sarah takes the opportunity to tell Adam how important it is that he and Wilfred get on well.…
Episode 3 Dogs of War
Sarah is aware of the growing tension between Wilfred and Adam and calls a meeting. She demands a ceasefire. Adam apologises to Wilfred and Wilfred says, "No hard feelings." It…
Episode 4 Walking the Dog
Adam and Sarah are taking Wilfred to the beach. In the car, they talk about Astrology - Wilfred doesn't relate to his star sign. At the beach, Adam and Sarah…
Episode 5 The Dog Whisperer
The doorbell rings. It's TV vet Jack Underwood. He has received Adam and Sarah's letter and has come to help Wilfred with his behavioural problems. Jack spends some 'one-on-one' time…
Episode 6 Dog Eat Dog
Sarah sees an 'old friend' on TV. Adam and Wilfred, being on each other's wavelength, crack jokes about this 'old friend'. Their mirth comes to a grinding halt when Keith…