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The Whistleblower
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The Whistleblower

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A powerful revelation, realization of what human beings do to one another.
Good movie to watch, but not for everyone. it is disturbing.

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No surprise on this...our gov't @ work!!!

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Powerful movie. The acting was superb.

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Horrible that this is still happening. She was unbelievably wonderful and courageous. I don't watch many films and this is the first one I've watched to the end in years. Something must be done about this human trafficking.

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i have never forgotten this film and recommend it to all.. corruption and murder involve the so called good guys alot. rachel weisz is great

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Rachel Weisz gives and excellent portrayal of a private contractor employee, who uncovers a sex-trafficking ring in Bosnia in 1999.

The story is based on horrible crimes committed by employees of the British price security contractor Dyncorp. Nobody was ever prosecuted and Dyncorp ...Read more

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I liked the film. But the knowledge that humans do this disgusts me.