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When the Fall Comes
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When the Fall Comes
Love, Art, Dance and Death

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When the Fall Comes integrates story, music, dance, poetry, theater, images, dream work and interviews in this intimate story of grief that validated every aspect of my own experience of grief. Like Adriana Marchione, I lost my partner after a long relationship. Are you grieving, have you ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I saw this film not long after ending a flawed relationship that I was incredibly attached to. The film communicates challenging and relatable feelings through expressive arts. So much embodied connection expressed through gestures brilliantly woven together. Experiencing this piece was ...Read more

Anonymous picture

When The Fall Comes appeared as an attachment to an email a friend sent who knew of my grief after losing my partner to cancer. As I watched Adriana's extraordinary affirmation of her loss, I was struck by her willingness to share her private grief in so public a way. Adriana's documentary ...Read more

Anonymous picture

What a wonderful film. As a therapist, I'm always on the lookout for resources for clients, and this is a wonderful resource for those who have lost a loved one. Thank you Adriana for sharing a piece of your soul with us.

Anonymous picture

This tender, delicate portrait shepherds the viewer though an intimate memoir of the filmmaker's late husband and the life they shared together. Weaving together the story of a couple and the genus loci of San Francisco, the film is both instructive and inspirational, allowing the viewer ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A beautiful thoughtful film told through the filmmakers own personal loss of her husband. Using dance and other creative methods you are moved gently into her world of grief and eventual reconciliation that arose. This film touched my heart and soul and I think it will touch yours.