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What We Do In the Shadows
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What We Do In the Shadows

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Comments (61)

Anonymous picture

Belly laughs and arterial spray. One of the funniest movies I've seen in years!

Paul avatar


Anonymous picture

This was absolutely great and hilarious. They hit just about every vampire trope there is and used it for comedic effect.

Anonymous picture

Really daft! Absolutely devoid of any humor, and no acting to speak of...waste of time.

Anonymous picture

Oh my gosh... absolutely hilarious comedy, and definitely the best use of the "mockumentary" style ever. The details, the little lines that are thrown in... just everything well done but not looking like some polished Hollywood production. Instead, delightfully quirky :)

Anonymous picture

OMG what a blast! :-D Thank you Kanopy!

Lauren avatar

Horror-comedy is my favorite genre so this was a big winner for me. It's really funny and I loved the characters and attention to detail on the production design. Taika Waititi is one of my favorite directors, I highly recommend this and his other films.

Louise avatar

fun! I enjoyed it...

Anonymous picture

This movie is an exceptional twist on the vampire genre. It employs both comedy and the mockumentary trope to demonstrate a classic, historical narrative through a new and modern perspective. The opening credits are a great example of the marriage of the historical context of the vampire ...Read more

trent avatar

These guys are the best "worst" vampires ever. The understated deadpan comedy vibe of the film is great.

Edmo avatar

I loved this movie!Very funny and silly while still being slightly intelligent.