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Ten award winning Australian playwrights talk candidly about their best known plays. Each writer reveals their writing process and discusses the themes and characters within their work. The dynamic presenter, Dr Tess Brady, provides a critical commentary for each play.

Alice Pung discusses memoir, loosing her mother tongue in s, searching for her father's secrets in the Killing Fields of Cambodia in Her Father's Daughter and working on the project Growing up Asian in Australia.

Peter Goldsworthy talks frankly about the writing of Maestro and his relationship to the characters and the story. He discusses the short story The Kiss, metaphor, adaptation and his writing methods.

David Williamson discusses his critique of post modernism in Dead White Males and the ANZACS in Gallipoli.

Katherine Thomson discusses how her play Diving for Pearls is set against the backdrop of the economic changes of the late 20th Century.

Hannie Rayson reveals that she intended to goad the audience in Two Brothers, her most controversial play about politics and refugees.

Running Time
51 mins
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