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Comments (11)

Anonymous picture

Beautiful film. I experienced all the emotions..........

susan avatar

the ability of the animator to catch moods, joy, urgency, sorrow, relief, creativity, beauty, nature and dreaming is absolutely profound and touching. Loved this. thank you

Winnie avatar

It is so beautiful. I get all tearing up.

Anonymous picture

Weekends, those weeks finally end. Those weeks of spending time happily with only the father end. Those weeks of being happy just with the father end. Those weeks of nightmares end. Those nightmares of the mother end. We would never stand up from the scratch if we didn't want to stand up. I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Came here because it was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film! Touching and unfortunately heavy with themes of divorce, pain and confusion of a young child and shuffling homes between parents! Gorgeous and a beautifully surreal portrait of animation, very well done! Very good ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Heartwarming, sad. It is too bad divorce is often like this film. Nothing out of the ordinary. Well done!

Anonymous picture

All the emotional senses can be felt in the non dialogued characters. It really touched my heart. Loved it!

Anonymous picture

All of the characters seem devoid of emotion, which is perhaps what the filmmaker was going for, but for me made this less enjoyable.

Brandon  avatar

Stunning, both personal and universal....everything you want out of a short film, animated or otherwise...the best short I've seen since Don Hertzfeltd changed my entire perception of animated shorts.

Anonymous picture

A well-told story about a child learning to understand the complex through the volume of silence.

Anonymous picture

Any film that successfully tells a story without the use of dialogue gets two thumbs up from me. Also being an only child of divorced parents I connected with the desire to hold on to good memories and simply have a place in your mind to remember the small things that made up big parts of ...Read more