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The Wall of Wall Street
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The Wall of Wall Street

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The Wall of Wall Street
The name Wall Street evolved from the earliest history of North America. Back then, a wall stood as a protective boundary between the wealth of the Dutch Settlement of New…
The Growth of Wall Street
At one end of Wall Street sits Trinity Church. Behind the church is a cemetery. A young man named Alexander Hamilton, whose ideas were fundamental in making Wall Street into…
Wall Street & The Growth of America
In the 19th century, America was divided by the Appalachian Mountains allowing the East and West to develop independent of each other, NY Governor DeWitt Clinton proposed building the Erie…
Wall Street & Modern Investing
NASDAQ founded in 1971 made it possible for young, high risk companies to go public creating a role for venture capitalists. Early venture capitalists included Queen Isabella of Spain who…
Wall Street & Main Street
Early Wall Street bankers could never have imagined the many different investment vehicles now connecting Main Street and Wall Street. People of varied age and backgrounds all come to Wall…
Shining A Light On Wall Street
Justice and transparency of information is the most efficient way to realize trade but there was really only one rule on Wall Street, "buyer beware". For Wall Street bankers an…
Wall Street Never Sleeps
Movie director Oliver Stone hoped to reveal the inside of Wall Street; exposing the greed and questionable risks that seem to cast a curse on the street. With the advent…
Wall Street & Subprime Mortgages
Getting from the early availability of credit to subprime mortgages is an interesting journey. It involves a fascinating look at the emergence of credit starting with immigrant banks and moving…
Wall Street & The Bubble of ‘08
Had history repeated itself? Lehman Brothers, a company with more than a 100 year history was gone. It's portfolio of subprime mortgages worthless. 2400 miles away California was beginning to…
Wall Street & The Emergence of Asia
The center of the capital markets is shifting from America to Asia, that's what the future is going to be. China's economy has been on a fast track of growth,…

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Ah, yes, but that Wall was not built to keep the native Americans out... they were to the West. The wall was built to keep the English out.