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An Uncertain Future
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An Uncertain Future
Part of the Series: Mekong Region

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An Uncertain Future
The fifth documentary in the collection looks at the future of the Greater Mekong. It is by meeting with young people and with those who are in charge of preparing,…
Deep In The Tropical Forest
The first documentary in the collection plots the course of the river, from its source to its delta. In a succession of spectacular images we see the extraordinary geographical route…
Dragon's Paradise
The fourth documentary in the collection focuses on the omnipresence of spirituality in the Greater Mekong. The values of prosperity, as they are enhanced by the Western World, are in…
In The Kingdom Of Fish
The second documentary in the collection is built around a custom that is thousand of years old: fishing. At present, about 65 million people in the Greater Mekong live directly…
The World's Vegetable Garden
The third documentary in the collection deals with the vast farming lands that the waters of the river irrigate. The most impressive beneficiaries of the river's lavishness are the orchids…