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On Top of the World
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On Top of the World
Part of the Series: Vegas: The City The Mob Made

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The Mob Before Las Vegas
An exploration of the Mob's beginnings and influence in the city of New York
Las Vegas Before The Mob
Before the Mob made their mark in Las Vegas, the town was a barren one.
The Mob Comes to Vegas
The Mob's influence started growing during the 1920s and 1930s.
Las Vegas' Golden Age
Las Vegas hit the jackpot post-WWII through 1960.
On Top of the World
To lure in additional visitors, Vegas became the destination for top performers, innovative tourism tactics and big payouts!
Modernizing Vegas
Spectacle invades the city that never sleeps and a technological revolution takes place.
As the old Mob dwindles, a whole new Mob starts to take over.
The End of Mob Rule
Through regulation and investigation, the Mob was forced out of Vegas to keep the city "clean"
Corporate Vegas
The 1990s brought about changes to Vegas where corporations and large businesses transformed Vegas to the city we know today.
America's Third City
In the 21st Century, Vegas must uphold its reputation as one of America's most famous cities.