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Of Time and The Spirit
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Three Films by Tonia Shimin

Poetic and distinctive, this collection of films by award winning filmmaker Tonia Shimin offers a poignant, expressive view of our brief passage through time, that embraces our connection to the natural world. Delicately nuanced, Of Time and the Spirit is a dance of memory that seems to grow as if through a chambered nautilus opening to the world. Featuring Nancy Colahan, an original member of The White Oak Project, with a musical score by the acclaimed composer Karen Tanaka, this film takes us into the realm of performance as it interfaces with the poetry of nature and the inner life of the dancer. Passage, filmed on site at the ancient cave dwellings of Tsankawi, New Mexico, is a meditative homage to the land and to ancient peoples worldwide. Tracing a dancer's pregnancy, Who Called Me To This Dance? evokes the transformational nature of creation as it celebrates life- an expressionistic journey that is filmed within interior landscapes, at sand dunes and underwater. As a collection, Three Films by Tonia Shimin, transports us through nature, time and place, to an imaginative and aesthetic vision of life.

Running Time
32 mins
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3 videos included