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In Their Own Words: Integrity And Despair: Late Adulthood
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In Their Own Words: Integrity And Despair: Late Adulthood
Part of the Series: Late Adulthood

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Retirement is a major psychological, emotional and financial event that occurs in late adulthood for many people. The topic is explored in terms of the wide variety of patterns that…
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This program opens with an in-depth exploration of the social relationships that accompany the late adult through this final stage of the human life cycle. The role and importance of…
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Seniors speak of their retirement planning, their expectations, and whether they were met. They demonstrate a variety of ways to move into retirement and living out the retired lifestyle. Finally,…
In Their Own Words: Integrity And Despair: Late Adulthood
In this moving program, widows and widowers discuss the traumatic experience of losing a spouse. They describe their feelings, their reactions, and the ways they adjusted. These seniors share their…