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A Teacher
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A Teacher

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

Oh my!! Her student, Eric, is so cute!! There are nipple scenes and nothing else??

Anonymous picture

This movie should come with a warning stating it can induce drowsiness, there is nothing provocative, torrid or thrilling about it. I kept glancing at the time hoping something resembling a plot would kick in but there is no story here to be had. Watching paint dry is more exciting.

Anonymous picture

Go wash a car, clean windows, do laundry, anything but don't waste your time on this movie. There is no rhyme or reason, no clear story line and certainly no talent, artistic or otherwise. Don't look for any messages either, there is none to be found. Some of the most wasted 76 minutes in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

What was the point of this movie? First, the movie depicts the boy (who I assume is in high school and not college?) of being in charge of the emotional and sexual aspects of the relationship with the teacher. That is evident in the sex scenes and dialogue. She appears to be the one more ...Read more