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Sustainable Architecture
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Sustainable Architecture
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007

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Architects Retreats
How do architects go about creating a retreat for themselves? With a combination of knowledge and years of experience that results in a home worth retreating to. An exclusive look…
High Density Living
Architects are drawing people back to city centres by creating high-density residential space on previously industrial land.
  • Architect James Cheng's Denia combines apartment living with town-homes, retail and green…
  • Site-Specific Architecture
    Designing a site-specific home requires a lot of artistry on behalf of the architect.
  • Architect Brad Lamoureux's Residence II is a contemporary home perfectly fitted to its steep West…
  • Concrete And Glass
    "Architects are exploring the technology of glass and concrete in creative ways. We look at three transparent expressions of contemporary architecture.
  • Architect Paul de Ruiter has innovated the indoor pool…
  • Respecting Tradition
    In architecture, respecting traditions can be as challenging as creating something completely original.
  • Croce Di Bibbiano is a historical winery in the heart of Tuscany, which shows the old…
  • Seaside Homes
    In capturing that perfect oceanfront view, architects must skillfully expose the intricate relationship between form and nature in homes literally built on the edge.
  • Torre del Pellicano, which is…
  • 21st Century Contemporary
    Today's contemporary architecture is distinctively cutting edge, modern and dares to challenge the traditional conventions of home.
  • Vancouver Architect Bruce Haden worked closely with his clients to create a contemporary…
  • Teardowns And Infill
    One way architects are responding to urban sprawl is by recycling prime sites in desirable urban neighborhoods where they either infill a new home or tear down an existing one.…
    Innovative Renovations
    It can be quite a tricky balancing act for architects to achieve a fresh design that is compatible with a building's original form. We look inside of three unusual renovations.…
    House And Garden
    The garden is resurging as an essential component to making a home complete.
  • The Grey Walls in East Lothian Scotland, by architect Edward Luytens and gardens by Gertrude Jeckle,…
  • Rethinking the Apartment
    With new innovative designs, including 2-storey units, the reinvented high-rise is changing the face of cities.
  • The Glassworks, by architect Barry J. Hobin, is a loft-style condominium containing 31…
  • Country Inns
    Sometimes homes are preserved for their architectural beauty by reinventing them as country inns.
  • In the village of Vallvidrera, Barcelona sits this elegant neo-classical mansion built by a Cuban…
  • Sustainable Architecture
    Sustainability is taking root at the forefront of architects' design philosophies.
  • The Currents, a ten-storey residential tower and new home to the Great Canadian Theatre Company, is a green…
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