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Supreme Court Decisions That Changed The Nation Series

Supreme Court Decisions That Changed The Nation Series
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Brown Vs Board Of Education
The unanimous overruling of Plessy v. Ferguson, declaring segregation in public schools unconstitutional.
Dred Scott Decision
The requirement that judges restrain their personal feelings and prevent outside factors from influencing their judicial decisions can be traced back to English common law. This practice is known as…
Gideon Vs Wainwright & Miranda Vs Arizona
Two decisions clarifying the rights of the accused.
Marbury Vs Madison
The ground breaking decision, written by Chief Justice John Marshall and clarifying the power of the judiciary.
Mcculloch Vs Maryland
The national bank case that established the "implied powers" of our federal government.
Plessy Vs Ferguson
The decision that gave legal justification to segregation, invoking the concept of "separate but equal."
Roe Vs Wade
The controversial case that legalized abortion.
U.S. Vs Nixon
The decision stating that the president cannot claim executive privilege to withhold evidence in a criminal investigation.