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The Stranger in Us
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The Stranger in Us

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Pier avatar

Sad to say I found this film overly long, repetitive with an arc line of a plot that became painfully similar to many other low budget gay films. Performances varied from fair to what can be said to be below average outings. The entire sad mess depicted in the feature did not move me much ...Read more

Chase avatar

An elegy of sorts to a fleeting but intense platonic bond between the protagonist and a street hustler. This is set against a backdrop of an abusive relationship depicted through flashbacks. While the scenes of abuse could easily come off as hyperbolic or exploitative, Boswell handles them ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Surprisingly good. The editing breaks the timeline up in a non-linear manner that was a bit frustrating to follow (jumping back & forth), but that seems to fit and reflect some of the frustration in the key relationships we see portrayed. Sort of a slice of life, but very well done and ...Read more