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The Soviet Story
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The Soviet Story

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Bizarre propaganda film attempting to rewrite history in order to fit contemporary politics. Does not belong on a library sanctioned website since it relies so heavily on scandal and revisionism instead of history and facts. Also: Nazis and Soviets are polar opposites and hated each other, as ...Read more

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A film by an extreme far-right Latvian politician, telling neo-Nazi, nationalist falsifications of history. This film does not belong on a library website like Kanopy.

Anonymous picture

Wow, no actual refutation of the arguments here. Just ad hominems: "far right," "neo -Nazi, "nationalist."
What part of the history is falsified? It seems your community college is miseducating you.

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Anonymous picture

I think that the quote from Putin was meant to draw a line between the way post war Germany views its past and the way post Soviet Russia views its own past. I don't think it was intended to say anything about current anti-Semitism or racism in contemporary Russia.
Whether the ...Read more

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The fact that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century does not support the despicable claim that Russians support the actions of Nazis. This film is meant to brainwash people and lead them into thinking that the current Russian government ...Read more