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Sophie and the Rising Sun
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Sophie and the Rising Sun

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Comments (11)

Anonymous picture

Excellent portrayal of the era; engaging, believable story beautifully acted and filmed. Thank you Kanopy

Anonymous picture

What a great gem of a film. Exactly the kind of unheard of movie I love to discover on Kanopy. Wonderful acting, gorgeous setting and a story worth telling.

Anonymous picture

Great movie. Beautiful story , music and scenery. Good testimony of historical facts. Thanks Kanopy.

Angele avatar

Lovely movie

Anonymous picture

I wanted this film to never end. Brenda's comment below summarizes it beautifully. What stereotypes overlook is that there could be love between different races. That sometimes the line between master and servant was blurred. This is such a beautiful movie!

Anonymous picture

I think that people are shaped by their painful memories and the repulsion of the heritage. Aggrieved guilt and shame.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful scenery and music. Nice movie to watch.

Anonymous picture

Touching examination of small town southern USA, religious bigotry, racism, and intolerance of any kind of difference, all tempered by true love, real friendship and simple kindnesses. Beautifully crafted piece.

Anonymous picture

Another great movie! Thank you, Kanopy

Anonymous picture

Beautiful scenery. Truly captures what it is like to live in the South. A little disappointed with the development of the plot though.

Anonymous picture

Slow moving but a good story about interracial romance.