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Severe Early Trauma

Severe Early Trauma
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Severe Early Trauma I: The Long-Term Effects
Topics The Effects of Trauma Range of Symptoms Affect Regulation Dissociation Interpersonal Relationships View of Self Somatization Meaning of Life Defining Complex PTSD
Severe Early Trauma II: Therapy for Adult Survivors
Topics What Clients Bring to Therapy Flashbacks Affect Regulation Dissociation Social Interaction Self-Blame Somatic Symptoms Obstacles to Therapy
Rage Reduction
"We therapists are far more identified with our patients' pain and suffering and loss than we are with the other side of the split, that is, rage, revenge, perpetration...Those feelings,…
Working with Difficult Alters
Topics Special needs of hostile alters Impulses to hurt self and others Establishing a therapeutic alliance Getting consensus from the system Accessing pain and sorrow Getting distance from overwhelming feelings…