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The Sacrifice
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The Sacrifice

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Yes, I was speechless and practically in shock after seeing this film. It was so profound in its ability to represent the agony and the ecstasy of being human. It was like a near death experience....

Anonymous picture

I'm just getting into Tarkovsky and apparently I'm starting backwards as this is (unfortunately) his final film. I'm speechless - it is hard to adequately express the beauty of this film. Besides the engaging storyline, more than a few shots here can be framed as a painting. It is ...Read more

Anonymous picture

He's great, check out Solaris and Stalker if you haven't yet. That's his sci fi philosophy trilogy. His catalog is small, but his skill, vision and imagination made every movie of his a classic. Kinda like if Kubrick grew up reading Nietzsche and Tolstoy.

Anonymous picture

a trilogy is 3 movies sir

Anonymous picture

Astonishing. Terrifying. Brilliant.

Anonymous picture

The cinematography, use of music, acting, direction everything is brilliant ! I don't know any other film where philosophical drift is portrayed so nicely !

Anonymous picture

With the knowledge that Tarkovsky was close to his own death while making this film makes it even more poignant.

Anonymous picture

Tarkovsky was a genius.