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Rocks In My Pockets
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Rocks In My Pockets

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Ibrahim avatar

Thank you, Signe, for sharing your story.
Sometimes the gap between our internal and the external world is huge... Admiring your love for reading (books and yourself) and depicting the family history in the light of the transgenerational "gene".

Anonymous picture
Signe Baumane

I used to describe Rocks In My Pockets as a funny film about depression. Well, maybe it's not an outright comedy, but it's full of irony and uses funny images to talk about serious matters.

The thing that interests me as an artist, one of the things, is the interaction of the inwardly ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This movie presets the theme of mental health problems from a personal experience. It explanations the struggles of the mind and how life is affected in a sensible way with out the need of biological, neurological or scientific approach. In other words, the real struggle that people go ...Read more