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Road to Nowhere
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Road to Nowhere

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Boy oh boy.

Anonymous picture

One of the most boring movies to watch. I cut it short after I could
no longer take it.

Felix avatar

The most beautiful looking piece of pretentious fluff you'll ever watch. If the ten minutes you spend watching a character dry her fingernails at the beginning of this movie bores you to death just know that it doesn't pick up any speed after that.

Anonymous picture

More pregnant pauses than a maternity ward. Cameo for cast doing nothing, in a movie within a movie that should have been left on the cutting floor. 1:35 tells you what kind of movie you are watching.

Anonymous picture

"her possibly notorious past"?

Anonymous picture

vapid nonesense

Anonymous picture

Interesting but very confusing story line

Mary avatar

This looks good. South by SouthWest too...