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A Road to Home
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A Road to Home
Stories of Homeless LGBTQ Youth of New York City

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Terrific honest documentary. The greatest number of kids committing suicide is from among the LGBTQ+ homeless community. Young people should not have to struggle just to survive in NYC when everywhere you look there is another luxury high-rise bldg puncturing the skyline built with obscene ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Thank you for this work. This film inspired my student's partner to volunteer with homeless youth in DC.

Johnnie avatar

A wonderfully powerful story of six marginalized LGBTQ youth. I thank the filmmaker for bringing their stories out of the closet. Working with this same population (at AFC) for over two years now, I am very appreciative to have the good work of the Ali Forney Center, and Carl, highlighted. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I made A Road to Home to give a glimpse of the lives of the estimated 200,000 homeless LGBT kids wandering American streets every night. Often kicked out by their families, they’re lonely and hungry and have no place to lay their heads. But our film shows they have the same hopes and needs we ...Read more

Dylan avatar

This is an important window into the lives of young people at the edge of society. The LGBTQ youth featured in A ROAD TO HOME could be our neighbors, friends or family... They're just kids pushed to the streets under a variety of desperate circumstances. As this important issue worsens in ...Read more