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Memories of Migration

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Anonymous picture

I am also the child of a family who immigrated and went through a separation. The film made me think about my own family and the unresolved issues between my mother and father. The way the director shot the film and presented his family made me feel like I wasn't alone living with what I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The film is a wonderful window in the pain and joy that many families experience emigrating and trying to make their way in the United States. As the director and main character, Alvin Tsung tries to better understand how his life unfolded, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, San Diego, and then ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This film is a beautiful and intimate portrayal of divorce, immigration, and the life and insight that can come out of complex experience. Utilizing interviews and insights from various family members, Alvin creates a multidimensional pictures of the struggles him and his family faced. Filled ...Read more