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Part 1 - Primark
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Responsible Corporations?

This film looks at the ethics of three internationally known corporations. How responsible are they in terms of the environment, of our health and the way they treat the people who work for them?


Primark is one of the most well known shops on our high streets. They sell cheap, fast fashion at low prices. But what does this mean for the people in poor countries who make the clothes? The pressure to be fast and cheap means low wages, overtime and even, it's been alleged, child labour. But, following protests and controversy, the company now claims it's cleaning up its act and taking ethics seriously.


Big drug companies like Pfizer make products essential for the health of the world - and huge profits. But how ethical is their approach to business? The film tells stories of doctors being bribed, botched drug trials in developing world countries and the over-pricing of drugs people badly need but can't afford to buy.


Since it almost went bust in 2008 the Royal Bank of Scotland has been mostly owned by the British government. But we have no say in the projects it finances. Many of these are environmentally controversial. They involve large scale fossil fuel operations, including get coal by mountaintop removal and drilling for oil in the Canadian tar sands. RBS has met objections and campaigns with "green wash" and refuses to change its ways.

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42 mins
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