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Raising Victor Vargas
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Raising Victor Vargas

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Anonymous picture

As close to perfect as any movie can probably be. Moving, deeply felt performances working with dialogue that feels real and never scripted, with characters you instinctively love and care about - who all show convincing and natural progressions and change - for the better but not without ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Amateur actors well chosen and with great instincts being given free reign to work around what seems to be in part an improvised script and it works so very well. It's moving and authentic.

Anonymous picture

well done and worth the watch. what a wonderful coming of age presentation. <3

Rene avatar

A real slice of NYC life.

Anonymous picture

how is the true star of this movie, Judy Marte, not mentioned in the above credits?! a sweet gem of a movie.

Taylor avatar

I love this movie!