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Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Clients Series

Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Clients Series
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7 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Historical Perspectives - LGBTQ patients - With Ron Scott
The history of mental health practice with gay, lesbian and bisexual people is both complex and constantly evolving. This introductory program to the series focuses on some of the most…
Episode 2 Individual Assessment and Psychotherapy - With Ron Scott
Gay, lesbian, and bisexual people utilize mental health services at a rate considerably higher than heterosexuals, and over 95 percent of psychotherapists treat GLB clients in their practice. This program…
Episode 3 Relationships, Families and Couples Counseling - With Ron Scott
Until recently, the couples and family therapy literature has ignored same-sex families and few clinicians have had training in this area. In this groundbreaking program, you will see:
  • Dr.…
Episode 4 The Bisexual Experience - With Ron Scott
The emerging body of scientific evidence over the past 30 years suggests a new paradigm of sexual orientation that is multidimensional, sometimes fluid, and highly individual, allowing for a greater…
Episode 5 The Coming Out Process - With Ron Scott
This program features three diverse personal coming out stories: A young African American woman who was institutionalized when she told her parents; a retired professional Latino man who came out…
Episode 6 Diversity and Multiple Identities - With Ron Scott
Lesbians, gay, and bisexual people of color must manage conflicting allegiances with divergent social worlds including their ethnic culture, the majority culture and the gay/bisexual community. This program highlights personal…
Episode 7 Sexual Minority Adolescents - With Ron Scott
This video combines the latest research and effective treatment approaches by such experts as Dr. Ritch Savin-Wiliams, Dr. Karla Anhalt and Teresa DeCrescenzo, and includes vital information for working with…