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Private Property
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Private Property

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Comments (11)

Anonymous picture

Sociopathic charmer anti-hero, edgy late noir photography and plot, good (not great) actors for the genre. "Jazziness" and signature noir psychopathology. The class prejudice and elitism could be applied to today.

Anonymous picture

Excellent example, Loved the surprise ending.

Anonymous picture

This was a good example of suspense film making.

Anonymous picture

Great 60's movie...nostalgic of that era. Simple and unassuming.

Anonymous picture

I found the class commentary the most interesting dimension of this film.

Its technically advanced camerawork (glass distortions, underwater shots) speak to its ambitions.

Was *not* expecting the drawn-out, fairly graphic "wet-drapery" shot that begins at 1:16. The angle of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I found this film enthralling. The lead actor is great as a morally depraved con man. No twists, no special effects, just a simple story in creepy black and white.

Anonymous picture

These two scuzballs get invited by a young pretty blond wife into her home to eat and dance with her while her husband is away? What was she thinking, that they'd just be there to play Parcheezi? Then at the end, all of a sudden she's back with hubby like nothing happened?

Anonymous picture

Bless Kanopy. I'm a brand new member (through the LA Public Library) and what a pleasure to be introduced to this never-even-heard-of noir gem starring an also never-heard-of Kate Manx. Dis this film all you want for it's rather tame presentation of its subject matter (by today's standards, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Two creeps (portrayed by actors too old for their roles) get what they deserve. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous picture

Excellent movie never seen before!

Anonymous picture

Forgotten and probably deserves to remain forgotten. For its time it might have been edgy and even provocative but it feels like a missed opportunity. The sense of menace and sizzling sensuality never quite catches fire; some wonderful period slang and atmosphere, though, and gorgeous black ...Read more