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Prisoners of War
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Prisoners of War
Part of the Series: Vietnam: 50 Years Remembered

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Indochina to U.S. Involvement
French colonies in Indochina fell to the Imperial Japanese after Nazi Germany occupied France during World War II. After the Japanese were defeated, the power vacuum left in the Indochina…
Boots on the Ground
As it became clear the South Vietnamese security forces would not provide adequate security for the US Air Force bases in Southeast Asia, President Lyndon Johnson authorized the beginning of…
War is Hell
As troop morale declined, US generals began to advocate for a more aggressive strategy to take the war to the NLF, abandoning the idea that South Vietnam could take back…
The Tet Offensive
A truce normally marked the Lunar New Year (Tet), but in 1968, the NLF broke the truce in order to launch the largest battle of the war: The Tet Offensive.
Prisoners of War
During the course of the war, the NLF captured thousands of US soldiers, some of whom were never recovered. Their recovery was used as part of Nixon's justification for continuing…
The Nixon Doctrine called for the bolstering of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam in order for them to take over the defense of South Vietnam. However, their efforts…
The War Remembered
The political costs for the war began to add up for the Nixon Administration, and the South Vietnamese were now on their own. The American troops were home, but there…

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Absolute pro-war propaganda. A minuscule amount of coverage of prisoners of war. As a Vietnam Veteran I've become used to this kind of bait-and-switch tactic. Took me a while to catch on but there is actually no entity which monitors this kind of deceptive presentation. There are actually ...Read more