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Plagued: The Origins of Disease
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Plagued: The Origins of Disease
Part of the Series: Plagued

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Plagued: The Origins of Disease
The Origins of Disease: Filmed in Korea, the USA, Hungary, India and Australia, this episode uses case studies to look at the question of how new diseases arise and why…
Plagued: Epidemics
Epidemics: Filmed in the UK, Australia and the USA, Prague and Italy, this episode takes up the theme that ,ironically, epidemics are the results of so-called progress and that despite…
Plagued: Invisible Armies
Invisible Armies: Filmed in the UK, Australia, Iceland, Hawaii and the USA, this episode looks at the interaction between our immune system and history. It draws the map of the…
Plagued: Will We Ever Learn
Filmed in the USA, Italy, Australia and the UK, this episode draws together the themes and ideas from the whole series to show that, tragically, we do not learn from…