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Parting Glances
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Parting Glances

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

I wish they'd make a sequel to this.......

Anonymous picture

Really excellent, accessible, and well paced movie. Not your typical AIDS movie -- it's there but is not the focus. Bill Sherwood was a pioneer of New Queer Cinema with this, his only film. Don't miss it.

Anonymous picture

I avoided this movie for decades, expecting it to be another dreary, depressing tale about lives destroyed by the great epidemic of those days. Instead, I found uplifting humor with mostly realistic characters. A good mid-80's period piece.

Joni avatar

classic!!!!!!!! steve buscemi was such a cutie

Anonymous picture

This is probably the best 'gay' movie I've ever seen. It's smart, a good mix of humor and drama, tackles an extremely important topic that's still relevant today, and gives a fascinating glimpse into NYC's gay life in the 1980s.