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A Night in Casablanca
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A Night in Casablanca

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

Includes references to the earlier film Casablanca,starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman,as well as another film starring Bogart...Fun physical comedy and puns and other wordplay.

Anonymous picture

Funny slapstick though the earlier Marx Brothers movies were actually funnier. Try Duck Soup or a Night at the Races if you really want to laugh.

Anonymous picture

culminates in an unbelievable 20 minutes of physical comedy-all the greater because of the early technology. BTW, the funny and moving book, "Harpo Speaks", is about the Bros.growing up in a poor New York Jewish neighborhood and their start in showbiz.

Anonymous picture

I'm still laughing until the tears come. These 3 are the greatest.

Anonymous picture

absolutely fabulous. classic. deserves 5 stars ! what a class act! ;-)

Adriaan avatar

How can they not know he's there in the same room if he's smoking a cigar?

Anonymous picture

They were the greatest, even in this which was one of the lesser Marx Brothers films.

Anonymous picture

Great fun watching, extraordinary talent. Harpo is a true hero.

Anonymous picture

Any Marx Brother's movie will put a grin on my face.

e avatar

Such silly fun!