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My Mother's Village
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My Mother's Village

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My Mother's Village
In this journey back to the sites of his parents' work, Aaron Burton meets people who appeared in the original films and discusses with them their perspective on the films…
Dancers Were Only Allowed to Dance
Traditional Sri Lankan drummers and dancers belong to a low caste. In an effort to break away from caste restrictions, a drummer conducts dancing classes for the children in his…
Four Women
Portraits of four women are combined to portray life in a Sinhalese Buddhist village. Rarely given opportunity to express opinions publicly, the women reveal their values, concerns and aspirations with…
Fishermen of Duwa
The annual cycle of the tropical monsoons forces this village of Roman Catholic fishermen to abandon their homes and migrate to fishing camps in a distant part of the island.…

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Beautifully captured the real life's of the people and their honesty, worm harts. genuineness and happiness.