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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Good movie that I've watched a few times. It is better than the Hollywood remake "No Reservations" (unless you just want to look at pretty people).

Anonymous picture

This is the second time that I have watched this film and it never gets old. Gr8!

Veronica avatar

Wonderful full of emotions film, Makes you feel good in the end,

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

17 years old and it does hold up fairly well, though kind of uninteresting for me. Screenplay and cinematography at times so cliche that it broke the mood. Oh well.

Anonymous picture

delightful acting & fun movie even with subtitles which you don't even notice after a while . will watch again

Anonymous picture

okay movie in German, the plot is thin but the main character is good

Lenore avatar

I've seen this three times when I had cable and so glad I can watch it again.

Elizabeth avatar

Deep happiness. Second time seeing this brilliant film and its fine actors and direction. The whole ensemble made the food sing and the emotions felt. Thank you.