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Mortal addresses the seismic shift in how the population is now viewing life and death. Reflecting the a paradigm shift that has the enormous baby boomer population deciding how they want to live the rest of their lives "Mortal" celebrates the importance of end-of-life as much as the beginning of life by beginning important conversations regarding life and end of life choices - everything from financial investing and retirement planning, to hospice, palliative care and burial options.

"Mortal" is a joyous celebration of life that presents stories that inspire people to engage in defining life choices and decisions that ultimately free us to live our best life fully and fearlessly. This film is a must see for anyone contemplating life's biggest decisions.

Running Time
104 mins
Nb videos
2 videos included

Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

To the FilmMakers:

Thank you for making this documentary. I have found the motif of death to be a haunting one - especially as a twenty-year-old thinking "What am I doing with my life?" The documentary you all have crafted reframed my understanding of death and presence. Death simply ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I never had a father, so when my adopted father, my father-in-law, began to die I was somewhat overwhelmed. I had finally gotten a Dad and had a positive father-son relationship without all the baggage. It was just a positive male role model for me and now he was declining. I did what I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

When we began filming for Mortal, I was unsure that this was a film I wanted to share with the world. It is a very intimate look at my family and us all coming to grips with the decline and eventual loss of my beloved father. However, as we began filming, other stories seemed to find us and ...Read more