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Monsieur Lazhar
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Monsieur Lazhar

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Rooting deeper inside child psychology. Felag's impressive!

Anonymous picture

Exquisite! So moving! Extraordinary performance by Felag and the children! It shows that a teacher does more than teaching. It resonates with me. I'm a teacher.

Anonymous picture

I thought this was a very touching film, dealing often with very difficult subjects matters. Death was a major theme of movie, but was also trying to get on and live your life despite the sadness and tragedies. - The refugee story, the teachers story about coming from Algeria was very ...Read more

Katherine avatar

An interesting example of understated sexism: besides the good woman who's dead, women are problematic -- the selfish teacher (also dead) who triggers the plot; the by-the-rules principal (a ball buster--stopping teachers from whacking kids!); the "aggressive" girl whose parents respond ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Your observations are apt, however isn't it gratuitous to describe Mohamed Fellag as "not attractive"? He's a handsome man.

Anonymous picture

actually, an intelligent, sad film about both teaching and collective grief. Gender-savvy? Try human.