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Modern Times
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Modern Times

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Anonymous picture

Finally watched it and yes, it lives up to its reputation. A Charlie Chaplin classic!

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Anonymous picture

Surely Chaplin's best film. Brilliant and creative.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

When I was a kid (LONG time ago) I was thinking about this movie. About what cinema does. THIS. Fr*cking hilariuos. Classic.

William avatar

Exceptional in every way.

Shawn avatar

Chaplin is my favs

Anonymous picture

As the wealth income gaps in the U.S. widens to its largest extent since the Depression, this film feels strangely prescient. I read it as almost a tragedy, or even a horror film: whenever our disadvantaged "tramps" seem like they might be able to survive, they are thrown into prison. In a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The third of Charlie Chaplin's big three silent classics as his Little Tramp character (the other two being the 1925 version of The Gold Rush and City Lights) and it's stunner just like the other two and full some great, still relevant social and political commentary and like The Gold Rush, ...Read more

James avatar

I love these Chaplin movies. His cafe song and dance was perfection.

Anonymous picture

Simplemente GENIAL!

Derek avatar

Modern Times is the best movie.

Anonymous picture

Such a classic, you can see so many scenes taken from here used in later movies. The man is a physical-comedy genius!

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Tom avatar

I watched modern times whilst on the treadmill at the gym... hilarious was running in time to Chaplin working on the production line! So funny and such a timeless classic