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The Matchmaker
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The Matchmaker

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

One of the best movies I watched this year on Kanopy. Am sure would watch it again in a few years. The characters are so well written and film is well scripted. The movie grips you and teaches you some great life lessons especially if you are looking to get married or finding a partner.

Anonymous picture

Great film, the characters are all affected by the Holocaust in some way. A quiet lens on getting on with the business of living after the war and how the subsequent generation had to seek answers from a generation who couldn't or didn't want to talk about it. Beautifully done.

Anonymous picture

A really, really fine film..plot reminds me of the great lyric from Warren Zevon:
"they say love conquers all,
you can't start it like a car
and you can't stop it with a gun.."--Searching For A Heart

Anonymous picture

BRAVO!!! Don't miss this gem