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Magical Girl
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Magical Girl

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

A cold-blood depressive drama -a few times a super black comedy about the corruption of the adulthood- with a predictable ending, imposes itself to be watched to the end without missing a single line. The political and economic background in Spain invigorates the movie with a strange sense of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

just a touch too long & a shade too ponderously paced, and the pieces don't quite mesh in the most satisfying way, ultimately. there are enough interesting moments in here to make this a recommendable film, but i definitely found it frustrating & a bit underwhelming.

Anonymous picture

Perfect review.

Lourdes avatar

Extremely depressing and hard to watch. Way too slow...

Dylan avatar

Magical Girl is chilling, ambiguous... An example of truly masterful filmmaking and storytelling, all the more remarkable because it feels so organic. It will make the viewer want to watch more contemporary Spanish indie cinema. The characters, from the primary to secondary, are so finely ...Read more

Kim avatar

I agree with Dylan and was glad for his positive review as the movie has a quality of its own, a haunting vagueness about it and was worth the watch. LOve many of the Spanish films and will be looking to add this director to my watch list.