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Single parent, Maami, and her young son are desperately poor. Gifted with a living heart, enterprising spirit and brave soul, she is the centre of her son's world, until he…
The Narrow Path
Awero chooses between suitors but a haunting experience, expectations of family and culture turn her wedding night into a nightmare. Storm clouds gather as she is forced to walk a…
The Saworoide
Lapite, the King-elect of Jogbo has decided to enrich himself on ascending the throne. He eliminates all opposition by sending hired killers or by harassing them into exile. His rival…
Arugba is the story of a king of an imaginary town who brays against corruption while rigorously prosecuting economic reform and handily welcoming foreign investors. The leadership portrait emerges as…
The Campus Queen
Life on a university campus with its own unconventional but dynamic culture ascribes to itself so many unusual privileges which provide unique opportunities for taking liberties mostly in a broad…