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Anonymous picture

really a waste of time.

Anonymous picture

They don't make them like they used too! Wonderful film.

Anonymous picture

Outstanding! Not entirely film noir, more a comedy in the noir style, but excellent as such. Lucille Ball is adorable, hitting all the notes, from feigned naiveté, to sly bemusement, to genuine terror and despair. It's also worth noting, for those not already aware, that the woman was a ...Read more

Johannah avatar

I could not agree more with your extremely incisive review! What a brilliant film!!

Sean avatar

Very entertaining. Lucille Ball is wonderfully sassy yet vulnerable. The Boris Karloff interlude is loony fun.

Felix avatar

Starts out as a detective thriller then takes a sharp left into an unbelievably silly romance that was an insult to women and beneath the abilities of Lucille Ball.

James avatar

TERR--ific movie, first class in all regards. Beautiful b&w print, too.

Adriaan avatar

@ 1:13:48 was that really Lucille Ball's hand or was there a stand in for that shot?

Anonymous picture


Byravan avatar

Excellent plot. Well directed and acted by top notch actors. Never seen the incomparable comedienne, Lucille Ball act in a dramatic role. She is certainly capable. Never thought she was this beautiful too. Gorgeous wardrobes. George Sanders is as suave as ever. Cedrick Hardwicke is always a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Superb! Cast is at the top of their games including Lucille Ball. Directed by Douglas Sirk with some weird-ass respite from Boris Karloff