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Love Simple
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Love Simple

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Awesome movie!

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

CUTE, but if you think about it. Very falwed. When I was younger and we were in grade school, there was a LOT of anger from our teachers about our exams. THings have changed a lot. A LOT. but, as I digress. This movie is very good.

Anonymous picture

A simple love story - and very pleasing.

Anonymous picture

A sweet film that has some wise messages. Recommended viewing.

Anonymous picture

Refreshingly "honest", awkward and real. I really enjoyed this one

Rene avatar

If you are like me and life in the Madocracy has made anything other than pure escapism palatable then this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Shot in NYC. A scrappy rom-com with a fine script and game performances. You're welcome.

Anonymous picture
Sally G.

A cute story, it had some really good heartfelt moments. As an indie film, there were a few "rough edges," but easily forgiven. Made in New York.