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Lighter Than Air - Cream Puffs
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Lighter Than Air - Cream Puffs

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6 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Handle with Care - Basic Doughs
Handle with Care--Basic Doughs
Episode 2 Mixing It Up - Methods for Cakes
Mixing It Up--Methods for Cakes
Episode 3 Blue-Ribbon Winners - Pies and Biscuits
Blue-Ribbon Winners--Pies and Biscuits
Episode 4 Lighter Than Air - Cream Puffs
Lighter Than Air--Cream Puffs
Episode 5 Simple to Elegant - Custards
Simple to Elegant--Custards
Episode 6 Final Touches - Mousse and Dessert Sauces
Final Touches--Mousse and Dessert Sauces