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Liberty and Slavery
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Liberty and Slavery
The Paradox of America's Founding Fathers

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The founding documents were a way to get people (farmers, indentured servants...etc.) to fight for the rights of wealthy land-owners who otherwise couldn't give two f*cks about whether they were indentured in this new-fangeled "America" or indentured in the British colonies. That is the ...Read more

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Not a word about the role of capital itself. Cotton was THE industry upon which modern capitalism was built. In fact, the global character inherent in the industry's existence provides a glimpse into the rise of imperialism which is capitalism's highest stage. Giving slave owners, and the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This documentary made slavery look way to benign. Why those slaves always had clean white clothes and were often smiling and dancing, instead of the reality of rapes, torture and deprivation.