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Before the Leaves Fall
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Before the Leaves Fall
Yuzuriha no Koro

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very relaxing

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This elderly kimono maker loves the painting that she secretly knows is herself. Meeting the famous painter going blind and dancing to a music box tune is the highpoint, or possibly giving the painter the pouch with the round colorful candies shes treasured and are tossed in the clear pond of ...Read more

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This is a warm and delightful film about an elderly women who returns to her roots in-order to fulfill her personnel bucket list of dreams before she dies. She relives her memories with the help of some very kind and caring towns people. There she has a surprise encounter with the very ...Read more

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Such a lovely film.

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Kaoru Yachigusa is famous for playing Otsu in Inagaki's Samurai Trilogy.

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Thank you Kanopy, I would probably have never seen this film had it not been categorized with Tatsuya Nakadai. Your library continues to provide me enriching visual journeys. Before the Leaves Fall was just what I needed on this November evening.