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La Rafle
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La Rafle

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Anonymous picture

...Dang!!!- I really should edit better before I post anything....
The John Prine song title is "Some Humans aint human "(easily found on You Tube)
People who didn't like this film may not care for john Prine
either...But that's their problem-not mine.....

Anonymous picture

A heart-wrenching film, showing the duality of mankind....What kind of a society is so depraved it would permit the seperation of childeren from
their families?....You wouldn't have to go as far away as Nazi
Germany to find it...It's a lot closer than some people imagine...John ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Outstanding film- brave! A must see...

Lewis avatar

This is vital, courageous and essential filmmaking. Art as witness.

Anonymous picture

Wow, so moving, and tragic. But essential.

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Anonymous picture

A must see.

Anonymous picture
Jing Chao

Extremely depressing.

Anonymous picture

Almost unbearably sad...never, never, again!