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Knife in the Water
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Knife in the Water

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

This movie would be that much better with real subtitles. The intricacies of dialogue are utterly absent. I am surprised they haven't been updated.

Anonymous picture

That this movie was shot set mostly on a 10 meter sailboat seems to be the most salient aspect of this movie. It makes for interesting shots, scenes, and interactions between characters. It is somewhat comical, too, how the size of the boat seems to sometimes expand when necessary, and have ...Read more

Anonymous picture

One of many wonderful movies in this collection.

Anonymous picture

Few movies let you get deep into the skin of the characters....this is one of those....

Anonymous picture

Love The Criterion Collection. Please get "Spirit of the Beehive" Loved the score. Think Polanski used a typical score for "Chinatown"

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Anonymous picture

My favorite Polanski. Tension throughout the film. You sense something is going to happen...never know what. Great ending.

Anonymous picture

You should show the year the film was made next to every title or else at the beginning of the description. Otherwise very nice viewing experience.

Ray avatar

Thrilled to see the NYPL acquire access to the Criterion collection
and so many other great films. Bravo!

Anonymous picture

This is the best viewing of cinema available. I've been waiting for Netflix to present some quality viewing for many years....this blows them away!!