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Japanese Story
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Japanese Story

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Comments (11)

marlene avatar

Toni colette has een an stellar actress since Muriel's wedding and probaly long before. loved the chemistry and longing.

MattyandMina avatar

I do not think that this movie has aged well. I remember watching this when I was a bit younger and thinking that it was lovely; now, I feel that it doesn't come off as respectful and touching as I remember. I think this is one of those films that definitely has a nostalgic feel to it, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Toni Collette! What an amazing talent. Bravo.

Anonymous picture

Did not expect to cry. Blubbered half the movie. Toni Colette is such a wonderful actress.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful, touching film. The characters are awkward, I feel as if I was intruding in their delicate intimacy by watching them together.

Anonymous picture
Velos y

I absolutely love this film, have watched it twice since stumbling upon it years ago. I see a third round coming up soon.

Anonymous picture

Moving. Beautifully filmed. Touching performances. But, strange and somewhat awkward.

Anonymous picture

Touching story the portrayals very real excellent movie

Lenore avatar

This must be based on a true story. No one could make this up. Sad and beautiful.

Anonymous picture

Good story, sob.

Anonymous picture

An amazing story.....quite a difficult situation to be in.