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Inventing Reality
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Inventing Reality

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10 episodes in this series

Episode 1 The Shock of the Other
Host David Maybury-Lewis revisits the Xavante of Brazil to see how they have changed since 1959, and then journeys into the Peruvian Amazon to unravel the mystery of the Mashco-Piro,…
Episode 2 Strange Relations
How do we balance personal desire for love with society's need for stable marriages? In Nepal, a young Nyimba couple falls in love - a dangerous passion in a culture…
Episode 3 A Poor Man Shames Us All
Have things replaced people as the focus of our relationships? Western views of wealth and economic needs have created a society of strangers in the midst of material riches, while…
Episode 4 An Ecology of Mind
While tribal cultures seek harmony with nature, Western societies try to dominate it, often with devasting consequences. Visit the Gabra of Kenya whose relationship to their harsh desert environment is…
Episode 5 Mistaken Identity
Where does individual identity begin and end? Western societies strive to answer these questions through biology - conception, birth, adolescence, maturity, death - while tribal cultures define identity through relationships…
Episode 6 Inventing Reality
Every society has a system of knowledge, a way to describe reality that we call either science or magic - and sometimes both. Who will stop a fatal epidemic sweeping…
Episode 7 The Art of Living
Why do we separate art and living? In tribal societies, where there are no words for "art" or "artist", everyday life is an occasion for creative expression. Follow a Wodaabe…
Episode 8 Touching the Timeless
People everywhere search for meaning in their lives, a sense of the sacred, a world beyond time. The Huichol Indians of Mexico make an annual pilgrimage to Wirikuta to consume…
Episode 9 The Tightrope of Power
How do tribal societies maintain social order and harmony without the vast legal institutions that we rely on? The tribal practice of democracy through consensus is put to the test…
Episode 10 At the Threshold
Travel to France to explore the most perplexing dilemmas of the Western world - heart versus mind, body versus soul, the desires of the individual versus the needs of society.…

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Ep 6 Inventing Reality from 35:00 on is Aboriginal Australian Dreamtime ("the Law") a sort of ancestral theoretical physics.